Table Manners

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The piece, satirically entitled ‘Table Manners,’ reflects on parallel issues of gay and ethnic rights. In the painting, two racially diverse stylized women sit at a table, gazing directly at the viewer seemingly uninhibited and free. The substance of the art is in the detail; here, the focus is on their delicately clasped hands underneath the table, suggesting their romantic liaison. The woman on the right holds a parchment with ‘Justice and Respect’ scrolled on it, and the lettering can be seen on her dress, while on the ground, there is an apple with a bite taken symbolizing lust and knowledge.

This piece is a reminder to every one of us to continuously strive for a world that is more just, inclusive, and equitable … but completed with more than a splash of decadence and style.

Title: Table Manners
Medium: Oil Stick and Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 60×72 inch

Fair Market Value: $8,000
Donated By: Radhika Gupta-Buckley